Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MaryHill FreeRide

Smokin Js is always looking for fun and interesting events for our Street Team.  We've sent our Street Team crew to all kind of motorsports events, concerts, flame offs, and even Cannabis Cups.  This week we sent our own Nikko Kamanuwai to a long boarding freeride event at the Mary Hill Museum in Washington State organized by the Maryhill Ratz.

If you are interested in being a Smokin Js Street Team member, send us an email with your event or ideas:

Last weekend was the race seasons first Maryhill freeride event. People from all around the world came to roll the mountain, see old friends, and make new ones. This was my first time going to a Maryhill event. There are 4 different Maryhill events in the race season. 3 free rides which means NO RACE, just straight cursing with the hommies at 40-45mph. It was everything I expected and more.              

Maryhill is roughly about 3 miles long with banked lefts and rights, straight-aways, and little tunnel obstacles. It’s a closed road out in the Gorge that was built to test certain pavements, and for car commercials. The event is run by Dean Ozuna, a local who after years of tickets and being arrested for sneaking on the hill to skate when he was younger, he finally went the legit route and got a completely legit event started.

Top names like Matt Kinzel, Lee Caiton, Billy Bones, and Zach Maytum were just a few big names that showed up, plus the countless other shredders from all around. 60+ Texans 30+ Canadians, and a handful of people from other places.      

The first day was awesome, me and 20 other volunteers put up the hay on the road and got to skate for three hours to ourselves. We left for the campsite around 5pm which was a beautiful spot next to the Columbian river. I brought lots of Smokin Js papers and free swag for campers. We shredded some herb and called it an early night to prepare for the next day.
I awoke with the sun our second day, arrived at the hill a little before 8am to help with everyone’s registration. 230 riders attended this freeride, most people at any of the free rides previously.  The lines down the mountain were epic! 5 man packs all the up to 20 dudes riding at once. It was pretty crazy riding that fast with that many people. Lunch was provided, beer was drank, and weed was blazed. It was a beautiful day of skating for sure.

After the Maryhill session that day I was blessed enough to get a invite to a local hill called Rowena.

After that we headed back to camp and PARTIED. I’m positive everyone who was smoking joints was blazing our Smokinjs hemp papers, and I was getting compliments here and there about how good they burn! Those were the people who then got hooked up with discount cards hahaha such a good time with good people.        

The last day was bittersweet. I was pretty beat from the past two days so I volunteered to be a spotter at corner 4 where I saw a bunch of action!  It was definitely one the highlights of the trip. After my two hours were up I was skating as much as I could till we started closing up. Again at 5 we called it a day. Me and the rest of the volunteers loaded and offloaded they hay with a little help of session’s lager beer and nug.  Said our goodbyes and started making our way home.

It was an epic experience that I’ll never forget , I can’t wait to return and I’m so glad I got to rep SmokinJs!

  -Nikko Kamanuwai-

For more information about up coming FreeRides contact the MaryHillRatz.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Real Story Behind 4:20

Megan McCormack
It's like the song that never ends. People started saying it, not knowing what it was, and we will continue saying it forever...just because. Stoners near and far, use it as a code word, a reason to celebrate, and a reason to light up mid afternoon. But where did it originate? What does it really mean? Why 420? 

Over the years, many theories have come up. Some people will tell you that it's the police code for 'marijuana smoking in progress', which as logical as it seems, is false. Some people believe that it stands for the number of active chemicals in marijuana. There are actually "over 400" active chemicals in marijuana, but that's still not it. Tea time in Holland? Nah, that happens between 3 and 4 PM, but if we want to start referring to smoke seshs as tea time, I'm all for it. 4/20 is not the birthday or death date of Bob Marley, who was born on February 6th, 1945 and passed on May 11th, 1981 and may his soul Rest In Peace. And although 4/20 is Hitler's birthday, I assure you that is NOT what we are celebrating about. 

The true story is that 420 was a code used among members of the Waldos, a group of five San Rafael high school students during the 70's. They had got word of an unattended crop nearby and decided they would set out after practice, at 4:20, to try to get their hands on some of this kind bud. They continued to search for it week after week, and would use 420 as a secret way to refer to their after school special meet up and over time it became their way of basically saying "let's smoke".

During this time, the Grateful dead and hippie scene had relocated to Marin County. The Waldos had many personal connections to the Dead and basically had open access to all of the parties. The phrase 420 began to spread through this community, and when they started touring the world they took it along with them. At one of the Dead shows in 1991, flyers were passed around that read "meet at Bolinas Ridge on 4/20 at 4:20 for 420-ing" which drew the attention of a lot of people, and helped bring the term to mainstream culture. And the rest is history. 

In case you were wondering, the Waldos never did find the crop, but instead unintentionally created a tradition, a holiday, and a way for people to discretely discuss herb. Marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado has opened the door for many legitimate 420 events, but even the law won't stop most people on this special day. So on 4/20 at 4:20, wherever you may be, grab a bud and light up cause it is time to be 420-ing!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

4/20 M&M Tech In-Line Free Pipe

Smokin Js is doing it again!

We are giving away a M&M Tech In-Line laydown water pipe on 4/20 to a luck member of our email list.

Smokin Js M&M Tech In-Line Water Pipe
M&M Tech In-Line Laydown Water Pipe

It's so easy to join our email list. Simply Text "Smokin" to 42828, and follow the instructions, or join with the box below.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's All About the Pipe Tools

At Smokin Js, we don't foucs on super expensive hand blown glass.  Our goal is to seek out HIGH quality American glass and a great value to consumers.  Where we excel is with all the different smoking related products and accessories that enhance every smoking experience.  Smokin Js has over 2,000 products for every smoker's lifestyle.

I wanted to take the time to feature some of those little innovative pipe tools that enhance the smoking experience, but are hard to find.

The hit stand is one of our freshest pipe tools.  These little silicone stands will hold a wide range of pipes.  They are heat resistant.  Not only will they show off your glass, but they will help save your furnature as well.

Wow, only $4.20, and the Smokin Js Hydro Gell Diffusion Beads even come with a Doob Tube.  These disposable beauties are non toxic and they are safe on your glass. 

Many experienced smokers have accidentally locked their glass on glass bowl into their water pipe.  Those ground joints can become dirty and sticky.  The solution is the Toob Loob ground joint lubricant.  Customers swear by the loob! 

Tired of scooby snacks hitting your tongue?  Do you use metal screens in your glass pipes?  Do you have finer material that slips right through your bowl hole?  The Honeycomb Glass Screen is the solution.  These things are great because not only do they help keep your material in your bowl and not in your mouth, but they create a reflective surface and help burn your material from the bottom up, not just the top down.

It's what we do, it's what we excel at.  Smokin Js has the accessories you need.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reggae Night to Remember

Collie Buddz, Rebelution, and Zion
      I could not have been more excited when my good friend informed me that Rebelution, Collie Buddz, and Zion I would be playing in Eugene August 16th! We of course instantly agreed to buy tickets and car pool to Eugene (as any green supporting hippies should do). When the 16th FINALLY arrived my bags were packed and ready to go, and after the usual grueling errands before a road trip (food, gass. . .& grass!), we were finally on the road to the show! Four hippies in a Tahoe with Rasta bumper stickers and a head full of dreads heading South.  It probably tipped people off that we were heading to the concert, because on the way there a couple of people rolled down their windows to ask if we were on our way to Eugene for the show =D.
      When we pulled into the georgeous park, smoke clouds billowing out the windows, excuse me DUST clouds billowing behind us.   I was amazed to find myself walking/dancing past trees and park views! I was lead toward the Reaggae music with excitement, like I had the munchies and was following some amazing home kitchen baked smell. Once through the lines I headed straight past the food and drink vendors (though I did get a Rebelution Tshirt later), jogged up the stairs and HOLY NUGGETS! I was awestruck for a minute by the stunning outdoor ampitheater Eugene has tucked away in that park! Not to mention I was a little awestruck at how much sound was vibrating up the hill at me. Thrilled would be a good word to describe me at that point. We decided to work our way through the happiest and chillest crowd I've seen in a while, to the first grass ring of onlookers. There was an adorable couple swing/tango dancing to our right who were putting on their own little show and obviously having a great time.

      The opening show was great and even invited the crowd up on stage to dance (which resulted in the singer being mobbed with hugs and dancing people). We sat in the grass and listened to the opening show as the sunset behind us, and the lights coming off the stage got progressively cooler and brighter as they shot through the ampitheater into the night like the sound. The music was great when I got there and only got better as the night went on. I could see an alligator bouncing above the crowd, as it appeared that someone had the great idea to bring along this fabulous blow up friend. When I decided to swim through people towards the front for a closer view as Collie Buddz came on, I was surrounded by chill vibes and everyone was dancing their hearts out :) I tossed a few SmokinJs papers into the air. Who knows maybe a couple of the jays I saw being passed around were wrapped in those papers. Need-less to say everyone in the crowd was obviously feelin great as Rebelution rocked everyones feet, even pulling out a whaling saxophone and an epic set of electric clarinet. The music was great, even when the end of the evening had closed in on us, and the last song had been played, the crowd simply hadn't had enough. The cheers did the trick because a few more songs were played, and everyone danced the last of their energy out, untill finally we all had to admit it had been a GREAT night but the end had come! Now for the drive back to town, and another awesome shift at Smokin Js!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Smokin Js at Seattle Hempfest 2013

Seattle Hempfest is the largest annual cannabis law reform event where cannabis enthusiasts of all kinds gather to educate the public of the many products and benefits that the cannabis plant can provide. It was founded on the belief that the public is better served when citizens and public officials work cooperatively in order to successfully accomplish common goals. This year was definitely one for the history books with over 250,000 people coming out to show their support and with the recent Washington legalization laws, we are finally starting to make headway. It's definitely exciting, but it's only the beginning.

This year there were over 105 speakers, 110 bands, and 400 vendors! It's every stoners paradise. Pipes from high end glass to Chinese imports, the latest smoking gadgets, good music, and any kind of information you could want, whether it be how to obtain your MMJ card or grow tips from the Grow Bible expert, Jorge Cervantes himself.  Stretched along the waterfront for a mile and a half in downtown Seattle, the view alone is worth the trip.

Nicole and I ventured into the big city on Saturday to check out the action, and supply the good people of Hempfest with our Smokin Js hemp papers and coupons. We got to drool all over some incredible pieces and learn about some new products. The current variety we have available to us is unbelievable.

I have to say that after this weekend, I love my Cloud Pen even more (if that was possible). One of the highlights of our trip was definitely being allowed to kick it up on the rooftop of the Further bus and blow some bubbles.

As always, Seattle treated us very well. Anyone who hasn't checked it out, I recommend you put it on your bucket list. The most amazing part about Hempfest is that it's completely powered by volunteers and donations. What's sad is that the average donation per person is about thirty eight cents. If the cops are going to hand out Doritos to the stoners of Seattle, I think we can do better than that.

For more information on how to get involved go to

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Marijuana Legalization in Washington State Update

Legal Marijuana Update
by Smoking Js Sean W.
            After squeezing through the midsummer madness at your local super market you almost have everything you need to try making your very first batch of cannabis cookies.  Flour, eggs, sugar—Check.  Chocolate chips and vanilla extract—Double check.  Looking into the cart you know something is missing…something important.  Although you’ll have no luck finding it next to the herbs in the produce section, it was legalized eight months ago…so where’s the weed?

            Last November, when the citizens of Colorado voted to legalize marijuana the Colorado Legislature was charged with writing the laws for regulation.  Voters here in Washington state approved a similar bill, but the responsibility for establishing and regulating the new industry was left in the hands of the Liquor Control Board.  In mid-May, the Washington LCB issued a first draft of proposed laws for regulating the legal production, processing, and retail of Marijuana here in Washington state.  Some critics complain of how long everything is taking.  However, we have to remember that the LCB is in completely uncharted territory.  There are no other examples to follow.  The board says it is committed to tracking each plant that hits retail, “from seed to sale.”  What this means is that all marijuana intended for retail stores will be accounted for—from first sprouting until it is properly packaged and showcased on store shelves.  The LCB released a second draft of updated rules in early July.  This version will likely be finalized in coming weeks and will lay the guidelines governing the new recreational pot industry. 

Producers (Growers), processing facilities , and retail locations will all be required  to maintain 24-hour surveillance of their facilities.  Producers will use their green thumbs to enter daily counts for the weight of all plants grown, even  crops that are defunct and that will never see store shelves.  The May draft of the laws originally prohibited growing marijuana outdoors.  This was the largest criticism made by potential growers.  After feedback and further consideration, the LCB decided to allow outdoor grows.  Provided the locations still meet the high security standards.  A chain link fence does a pretty good job of saying “Authorized Employees Only.”  Growers are going to be encouraged to go for organic. There will be restrictions on what chemicals may be used on parts of the plant intended for consumption.  Overall the goal is to keep the marijuana as healthy and as safe as possible.  If it’s super kind bud that just so happens to be organic, who’s complaining? 

Processors will be responsible for fine-tuning the new Marijuana crops before they are shipped to stores.  It may sound a little like working in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, mixing, matching, infusing new strains into new recipes until some delicious treat sits before you, ready to take you around the world and back.  Although processors might have expanded creative freedoms, their duties to the public are great.  Processors will be responsible for the proper labeling of all marijuana products.  The Liquor Control Board issued a sample of how future packaging will most likely look:                       
The label will inform consumers of the THC/CBD percentages of the plant or infused product they purchase, net weight, and the name of the strain.  If it is a baked good or infused product the label will specify the total THC contained.  The LCB defines an infused product serving size as 10mg of THC.  Ten servings or 100mg will be the maximum any single package may contain.  And of course all packaging will display the cautionary disclaimer: Warning-may be habit forming. 

Retail locations, where recreational users will go for their one-stop-pot needs, will not be popping up on every corner.  In fact, finding a suitable location for your Retail store may require some extensive research.  Retail stores will not be allowed to operate within 1000ft from schools, parks, day cares, libraries and public transfer service stations.  Under  LCB definition any covered bus stop counts as a transit station which disqualifies many high traffic areas from being eligible locations.  One Seattle law group that worked with the Washington Cannabis Association took the opportunity to suggest improvements to the first-draft laws.  They proposed redefining some of the language used in the laws: a bus stop would not fall under “Public transit station” and “Arcade” would have a narrower definition so potential Retail operators aren’t banished to remote locations, “five miles out of town, pass the old barn, third shop on the right.”  The actual number of retail locations will be based on a region’s population and demand.  If a region receives more applications than allotted licenses a lottery decides who will get the license. 

So it’s April and it’s the grand opening of a new marijuana retailer in your area.  If you are twenty-one or older you’ll be invited to come in and stock up on some kind bud.  Maybe some cannabis infused butter for the morning bagel and some cosmic brownies for dessert.  Each infused product informatively displays THC content and any food ingredients used.  After selecting a pack of pre-rolled joints you kindly ask the salesperson, “and what varieties do you have for oils?”  The earlier drafted laws prohibited marijuana concentrates such as hash or oils.  Hits of highly potent THC oils, more commonly known as ‘Dabs’, continue to grow in popularity; especially amongst fresh generations of smokers.  Luckily for all of these enthusiasts, the LCB decided to allow the sale of concentrates as long as they are infused with trace amounts of another substance like vegetable oil.

            Slowly, but with visual growth, Washington state inches towards a workable, legal weed market.   The Liquor Control Board continues to emphasize its commitment to public safety and health in all aspects of production.  But what guarantee of security is offered to the potential producers growing Washington’s newest commodity?  Well, none really.  The growing, distribution and selling of Marijuana still is illegal under Federal law.  Shortly after the passing of Initiative 502, Governor Jay Inslee met with U.S. attorney general Eric Holder.  During this encounter Gov. Inslee laid out the state’s plans to keep Washington grown weed within state borders.  Although the federal government has not declared it will put a stop to the industries emerging in Washington and Colorado, it has not given its blessing either.  News reports have hinted that some in Congress are in favor of letting states decide.  This would not be a federally endorsed legalization, instead, states would choose how to approach the issue of marijuana.  In the meantime, the federal silence is not comforting.  July brought federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in Olympia and Seattle Washington, with little information as to what caused those facilities to be targeted.  As the LCB moves forward with preparations to get marijuana in-stores by spring 2014, any indications of what the federal government will allow (or overlook) are welcome.  If the market is allowed to open as planned, it will be up to Washington to demonstrate to the federal government that they will not become the newest distributors for marijuana to other U.S. states.