Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PURE Glass Settles Court Case

Years ago PURE brand water pipes were created in California.   The manufacturer was on the cutting edge of water pipe design and function.  Success breeds imitation.  Soon after the rise in popularity of PURE brand water pipes, a foreign importer started counterfeiting the brand and water pipe designs.  The original PURE Glass company took the foreign importer to court over the trademark dispute.  After years in court, the original PURE Glass manufacturer has settled to end the costly battle.   Unfortunately, the original PURE Glass has sold the brand name to the foreign importer.  As of the January 1st, 2012 the PURE brand is no longer manufactured and owned by Americans.
At Smokin Js we only carry American made hand blown glass products. Therefore we will no longer be selling the PURE brand.   All of our PURE brand water pipes currently in stock are made by the original Pure Glass manufacturer.   We are having a clearance sale on all our PURE Glass water pipes.  The sale prices are significantly discounted and already built into the price available in our stores and on our web store.  We have limited styles available at our physical stores.  Our final stock of original PURE Glass water pipes can be found in our "special offers" section of our web site.  The good news is that the original PURE manufacturers created a new brand name a year ago (Amsterdam Design Studios), and we currently carry and will continue to expand this line of quality hand blown glass water pipes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Employee Picks

Katie - I'ts the begining of the year and everyone has new goals and resolutions. Thoughts pondering through your head as to what you know you aren't going to do again, but not quite sure as to how to change this year. I know I think to much about these type of things.  I'm always trying to improve the old Katie into a new edition, but still staying true to myself. It's a difficult task, and sometimes when you ask other's opinion, they don't quite have the answer. Honestly, the only way to live life is to trust your heart and your insticts. However, there are a few things that I like to use to send me in the right direction.  Right before the new year I was introduced to Tarot cards. I've heard about them, but not quite sure how they worked or how it would benefit me by trying them. My friend brought her deck over when we were all hanging out and I jumped at the chance to see what the cards had to say. Surprisingly, I was pleased and reassured with the reading.
Tarot Decks aren't meant to be a fortune teller, but rather guide you to your own answers. Some psychiatrist such as Carl Jung believed they work by synchronicity.  Synchronicity by definition is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernable causal connections. Tarot cards help guide you to your own answers.
To start the reading, I lit some of our awesome Nag Champa Votive candles I bought from Smokin Js to set the mood, dimmed the lights and lit some Natural Satya incense. Having a calm, quiet comfortable environment is always best when doing a reading so the person recieving the reading can concentrate on what they are trying to get out of it. I was given the deck to hold, to feel energies, to put my own hopes and desires into what it might tell me. Often, People can ask a general open ended question to guide the reading with the answers they might be looking for. I had no idea what I expected to hear, but I was at the point of accepting everything that has happened for what it is, and just wanted to feel where I was in the world & how others were affecting me.
I shuffled the cards and felt how heavy they were, it was a different feeling than holding a normal deck of cards.  I could feel the powerful effects it had to offer. I love feeling oras and this deck was goregous, bursting with eye-catching art and positive energy. I shuffled it until it felt like it was in the right order then I spread them out in a rainbow "U" shape for her to digest. She felt over the cards, and one by one picked the ones I felt were calling to me the strongest without me even saying a word or looking down. It was like a crazy conspiracy but at the same time, I knew she knew the deck well and was pleased with every card she picked up - like it was destined. She proceeded to lay out the cards in order in one of the most common spreads called "The Celtic Cross". There are many types of spreads, some focusing on aiming at certain questions or types of readings. She drew 10 cards and placed them down one by one in the cross. Each position has a meaning for that card, and she read them one by one, according to her Tarot Card meaning book she had on hand. It was energizing and comforting to be reassured by what I knew my heart was truely telling me.
I can't wait for my next reading and what I have still yet to learn about my life.  For someone who thinks too much, it definitely helped soothe my burnt wired ends tingling up in my brain. I'm crossing my fingers for someone to find a deck that makes them think of me. I've heard from many people your not suppose to buy your own deck, and that doing so gives altered readings or bad luck; but they make great gifts, and I've happily bought one of our beautiful decks we have at Smokin Js for a good friend for Christmas. She was in love with the art and the thought. Whatever the future holds, I feel it getting brighter. It may be just another year, but treat every teardrop as a waterfall, soak up the sun and don't worry about a thing. Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright. ;)
Peace, Love and Butterflykisses

King George - I'd be lying if I didn't say that I LOVE THE SMOKIN JS NECKLACE PIPES!!  You too can sport my favorite counter-culture fashion wear.  Each necklace pipe comes complete with a colorful hemp necklace.  The whole product is American made, **cough cough**, by me, King George!  That's right, I make the hemp necklace and the hand blown glass pipe attached :)  The necklace pipe is perfect for shows, concerts, raves, and judging events.  It's completely covert in the fact that it tucks right into the t-shirt, but don't leave it loaded ;)  If you want your own custom necklace pipe just order it at and mention what color or colors hemp you would like the necklace to be made from in the comments section at checkout.  I will make it happen!

Jeff - My favorite product at Smokin Js is the super sick Reverse Shower Head Sherlock Bubbler.  Shower head percolators are new in the industry and you won't find one at a better price at only $149.99.  As with all Smokin Js pipes it is American made.  It's a natural perc so no skinny downstem means it won't get clogged or have limited air flow.  This piece allows draws ristriction free ;)  The shower head also makes a super cool effect with the smoke that's hard to take your eyes off of.  I've smoked out of every piece available and this bubby is too good to be true, especially for the price.

Lucy - My favorite item at Smokin Js is the Absinthe Brew Kit.  I bought it for a white elephant gift party.  Half the people were fighting over it for the alcohol fact and the other just for the novelty.  It's a great way to bring family and friends together to do something creative and fun; whether it be for a party or a rainy day.  It's a three day process, which is awesome because it will make a Tuesday or Wednesday look that much better while you wait for the weekend.  The effects are different depending upon which alcohol you use and the process ... that means you gotta buy more than one lol ;)  I didn't see any little green devils, but I did find it an amazing experience that I want to try again :)

Tmo - My favorite product at Smokin Js is the 4 stage 2.25" Grindhouse Grinder.  It has the best bang for the buck out of all the grinders on the market.  You get the grinder, micron screen, and collection tray.  It's made from aircraft grade aluminum.  The teeth pattern shreds as good or better than any grinder I've experienced.  The thread spacing and pitch where the pieces screw back together are perfectly smooth and won't be hard to start, even with the build-up that occurs from years of use :)  To top it off, this HIGH quality American made grinder comes with rounded edges in the collection tray, and a triangle shaped scraper.  When you want all the pollen, you get it with zero loss!

Alex - I absolutely love the Smokin Js 4" Sandblasted Pipes.  The sand blasting accentuates the unique hand blown fume and rake pattern that each pipe comes with.  This pipe is an American made winner!  To start off, the sand blasting gives it a unique look.  Also, I consider the sand blasting to be slip resistant to help minimize careless accidents.  In terms of function, these pipes comes with a large extended carberator.  The blower creates a great draw with the shape, size and carb design.  We always have new colors and patterns coming through the store.  You can request a color in the comments section at checkout and we will be sure to make it happen :)

Kat - My favorite item at Smokin Js is something I haven't seen anywhere else ... our Hookah Bowl Converter Pieces!  I still do not own a single water pipe, and I wouldn't use it much anyways.  I'm always on the go and hand pipes work perfect for me.  However, the little glass on glass hookah bowl converter piece turns my hookah into an herb water pipe with awesome whip attachments :)  The small converter piece turns your hookah into a cleverly disguised water pipe, which is very convenient for myself.  Using my hookah as an herb water pipe makes me feel different and unique when I bring my friends over.  This utensil gives a whole different outlook on smokin it up with my friends :)