Friday, November 23, 2012

Free Glass Pipe December Give-A-Way


We are doing it again!  We are giving this custom hand blown glass natural perc bubbler away for free to a lucky member of our email list.  This custom $300 piece comes with multiple reversals and a custom matching glass stand.  The overall feel of the piece is like a space ship.

All you have to do to win this pipe is be a member of our email list, and open our December 16th email.  It's that simple.  You must be 18 or older to win.

Each month Smokin Js gives away free product to a lucky member of our email list.  Once you open our monthly email you are automatically entered to win our free monthly drawing.  But don't just open our monthly emails, check them out.  Each month we feature things like new products, sales specials, glass blower features, product tutorials, and coupons.  It's easy to sign up.  Just text SMOKIN to 42828 and follow the instructions or enter your email address in the box below.

Below are some of the prizes given away to the email list in the past year:

Once a monthly winner is randomly selected we email them.  The winner has 72 hours to reply to that email.  Once the 72 hours are up then we move on to another randomly selected winner, and so-on and so-forth until a winner responds and receives the monthly prize.  We ship all smoking related prizes via adult signature (21 and over).  You must be 18 years of age or older to win.  We will accept photo ID to prove age over 18 years of age to negate adult signature.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Washington: Marijuana Legal

Tonight Washington voters made an emphatic vote to legalize marijuana.  With 55% of voters casting their ballot in favor of Initiative Measure #502, Washington has truly become the Evergreen State.

Voters in Colorado also approved a similar measure, joining California as the most progressive states regarding marijuana laws.  However, a lot of questions now enter the public forum:

1.  Federal Law:  Marijuana will still be illegal under federal law.  Sporadic and seemingly random federal busts in California in the past few years have left its citizens wondering where the line in the sand is that puts a marijuana marketer or producer on the federal radar.  The supreme court ruled against the state's right to legislate medical marijuana laws ... Will there be a new court battle over the recent Washington measure?  How will Washington State seek safeguards against federal crackdowns?
2.  Regulated Guidelines:  Although marijuana is now legal, the Washington measure puts in place a regulatory system that attempts to separate cultivation and marketing, or production and retailing.  Licenses would be purchased through the Liquor Control Board as the law is currently written.  Does this agency have the manpower and know-how to regulate this new industry?  The Washington State Liquor Control Board would also be set with the task of rule making and enforcement.  The law does not legalize the growing of marijuana for person consumption.  Will police now be directed to seek and arrest illegal personal grows, or does the new system allow for people to pay for the license to grow without the intent to sell to a licensed retailer?
3.  New DUI limits:  The Washington measure creates a new blood test guideline that confirms marijuana intoxication.  Many medical marijuana patients believe this limit is far too low.  Who will be the deciding legislative authority on the marijuana DUI level, and will it be studied and debated?
4.  Cost:  The new Washington measure seeks to separate the production and retailing of marijuana with a 25% tax at each step along the chain from production to purchase.  Will the new price of legal marijuana be able to compete with grey/black market marijuana?
5.  Law Enforcement:  The new law is expected to save law enforcement time and money by freeing them from enforcing petty marijuana crimes.  This premise is met in stark contrast from the very fact that the new law will only be successful if law enforcement is involved in helping with regulation.  The new Washington State measure alleviates one enforcement task, but it creates another.

In the end this is a historic vote for Washington State.  On December 6th, it will be legal for citizens to possess an ounce of marijuana.  Nobody can take that away from the citizens of the Evergreen State.  However, now begins a year long process where the state will try to adjust and finalize the rules behind the marketplace it is trying to create and regulate.  Many people thought the new measure was horribly written and wrong-headed, but it is now law.  There will be many twists and turns ahead, much like a well rolled joint. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Featured Blower: Lucas Paulazzo "Family Glass"

I believe in the karma of a glass pipe.  At Smokin Js we try to find quality people, not just quality glass.  We think it's important for our customers to know that the glass pipes they purchase from us come from a good place, made by good people, crafted with good intentions.  We don't buy products off any artisan traveller passing through the area.  We take time selecting our glass blowers and make sure to build a solid relationship with them.  This process shows through in the quality and consistency of Smokin Js glass pipes.

Our featured blower this winter is Lucas Paulazzo.  All of Smokin Js Paulazzo Pieces are on sale until the end of the year.  He has been working with borosilicate glass since 1998.  Lucas is one of the most 'chill' characters I work with.  I looked up the term "down to earth" in a slang dictionary the other day, and sure enough Lucas' picture was associated with the definition.  The most endearing characteristic of Lucas Paulazzo is his dedication to his family.  He is based in the mountains of Southern Oregon with his beautiful wife, two children, and a new-born baby on the way.  Lucas counts bee keeping and organic farming as his main hobbies away from the torch.  All year long the Paulazzo family tends to their orchard, garden, and bees.  When the zombie apocalypse comes, the Paulazzo family will be among the survivors.
Lucas has another passion that "drives" him perhaps more than glass blowing or cultivating his family's food .... He is a hardcore Volkswagen enthusiast.  He was bitten by the "bug" at the age of sixteen, and he hasn't been able to recover since.  He finds a Volkswagen to be the perfect mode of transportation deep into the woods to go camping, making the trek up the mountain to go skiing, and hitting the river banks for a swim.
Glass blowing ... down to earth ... organic farming ... chill dude ... bee keeping ... Fahrvergn├╝gen ... I think we might be in business with a modern day hippie!

As laid back as Lucas may be away from the torch, he takes a far more aggressive stance on the torch.  He studied scientific glass blowing at Salem Community College under Joseph Luisi.  Over the years he has developed many styles, but instead of making every kind of pipe, he develops unique and innovative products and sticks with them.  Even though Lucas has reached a HIGH level of glass blowing, he has not let it go to his head with inflated prices.  Some of Lucas' pipes are Smokin Js most popular products because the pieces are innovative and technically sound, but yet have a respectable and value conscious price.  With that being said however, Lucas has been ramping up his skills for some serious head pieces.  He has started a series of natural dome percolating stand-up water pipes that blend all of his creative talents and years of experience.  Smokin Js is fortunate enough to be able to offer the first piece in the series as the grand prize for our New Year's drawing (pictured bottom).  More details to come.
"I appreciate those that take pleasure in my creations.  I am thankful I can keep turning the glass."  Lucas Paulazzo.
Hand Blown Glass Bubbler Full Dichroic Reversal by Lucas Paulazzo
Amazing full dichroic multi piece reversal bubbler. 
Hand Blown Glass Dedicated Oil Bubbler by Lucas Paulazzo
Innovative dome percolating dedicated oil bubbler.
Hand Blown Glass Sherlock Pipe with Dicroic Reveral in White by Lucas Paulazzo
Fantastic white/dichroic reversal beaded sherlock pipe.
Inside-Out Hand Blown Glass Shark Pipe with magnifiers by Lucas Paulazzo
Ultra thick beaded and inside out fumed shark pipe.
The big one!  New Year's drawing grand prize.  Sick.