Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh! Herbal Pleasure Pills Review

At Smokin Js, we have been selling alternative herbal products for 14 years.  Over the years there have been a lot of products that just didn't hit the spot.  About 10 months ago we started selling a product called Oh! Herbal Pleasure.  At first I was skeptical because the packaging seemed like yet another boner pill.  However, the feedback has been amazingly consistent and positive.  Maybe the packaging is so lame because picturing the beat of music, the dance of lights, the buz of speakers, the smell of a flower, the touch of your first lover, the feel of trimmed grass under your bare foot, and the Webster's definition of ecstacy would be too hard to pull off on a point of sale package!  But all of that has been the consistent feedback we have received.

Tmo from Smokin Js:  I took my Oh! Herbal Pleasure pills saturday after i got off.  Aafter about an hour, I was in euphoria heaven.  My head was buzzin, my body feeling hella cool, and everything seems different, but pleasently so.   As a first time using Oh! it was so much fun to "observe", how everything seems so much different inna "better way".  It seemed so lovey-huggy and easy to get distracted all in one.  No cotton mouth, nothin' speedy, no after effects, and I went to sleep and woke up normal.   It's like "good golly miss molly" inna pill.  Amazing this shit works as well as it does.  I would put party experience in there too, I like Oh! better than anything else I've tried for parties with wild music, lazer lights, and atmospheric effects.  It's that effective and free from after day headaches, dehydration, and having nasty stuff in your system feeling ...  "no brain oatmeal!" 

King George from Smokin Js:  It was fukenamazing for about 4-5 hours, and it won't leave you feeling all Seratonin depleted the next day!!  If you saw me @ Moondreams and Lazerbeams, then you know what's up!!!  Have fun all you Smokin J'ers!!!  See you @ Freaknight!!!

Oh! Herbal Pleasure is only $14.99 for two pills.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jeff here. One thing I'm into when I'm not working hard for Smokin Js is riding my motorcycle.

I currently ride my '07 Honda CBR 600rr, but I am looking to upgrade within the next few months.

I ride my Honda once or twice a week all year long. Yes, including the winter. Ice on the roads, chill in the air, and my dumb @ss will ride. I am very active in a sports bike club called the High Side Riders. The bike club keeps the wheels turning, the mileage wracked up, and the entertainment flowing. Never a dull moment that's for sure.

The High Side Riders puts on all kinds of events: Poker run across town, bikini bike washes, races on and off the track, cross country road trips, and stunt shows. If you can think of it on two wheels, we probably do it on two wheels. Last year a group of High Side Riders covered almost 1000 miles in a little less than 3 days. We hit the 101 at Long Beach, Washington and traveled all the way down to the tip of California. One of the most memorable stops along the way was the Red Wood National Forest. Once we reached our goal we ripped up I5 all the way home.

This year on Sept 15th we headed to Idaho. 387 miles there, a few around town, and then another 387 miles back. It took us between 6-7 hours of ride time one-way. I Don't care who you are, after 7 straight hours of riding you're ready to get off! My neck, back, and ass were sore, but it is a freedom not many people will get to experience. While in Post Falls, Idaho, the guys and I were lead to the coolest bar I’ve ever been to. Cruisers, "Home of Mini Sturgis", is a bar catered to bikers. There is no parking in front of the bar, only in back. As you pull up to the bar, there is a huge bay door that automatically opens. We followed the traffic paint on the road and the arrows lead us right through the bay door. At this bar, It’s considered bad manners NOT to ride your bike right through the middle of the bar. Follow the road in, and out you go to the other side where the waitresses is ready to take your order. The coolness didn’t stop there! A Black lab was the mascot of the bar. He could do the coolest tricks ever. When he did a trick for you, you were expected to tip him a dollar bill. You reach the dollar out to him and he politely takes it from you, and then goes around to the bar and "Pays" the bartender for a dog biscuit. If you don’t tip him after a trick, he will sit next to you and bark until you do; essentially notifying everyone around you that you’re a cheap ass and didn’t tip the dog. lol. At Cruisers they thought of everything. Instead of graffiti on the walls, they encourage you to make your mark with knives, or permanent markers on there "Visitors fence". So we did. We let them know that the High Side Riders were there and we all signed the fence. Definitely a place worth going to if you’re ever near Post Falls.

People always ask me what my favorite piece is to ride with. I love glass, but I refuse to ride with glass because if I go down, I don't want to pull that out my skin!  I turn to my favorite riding piece, the Monkey Pipe. It's so convenient for riders and is one of the only pieces you can still use while having a full faced helmet on. The tiny pipe is perfect to hide as well because it disappears into your jacket. The Monkey Pipe closes up nice and neat also so scooby snacks and half scorched bowls don't get all over in your pocket. Every rider should have one of these in your saddle bag, tank bag, vest, jacket or poncho.

Smokin Js is biker friendly. Wear your cuts or colors, come on down, and spark up a conversation.

If you love to ride and want to have a great time with a fun group of guys, then come on down and talk to me about the High Side Riders. I work at the Vancouver Smokin Js location during the week, but most Fridays I visit the Centralia Smokin Js also. I normally go by Jeff at work, but MANY in the motorcycle community know me as BullsEye. We are currently working on We have a Facebook page, show your support and click the like button. We will be posting events and other pictures as time goes on.